Did you know you can change the key that lock / unlock your home and business locks, without the cost of buying new locks? Lock Rekeying is fast, easy and can be done by professionals that will be refereed to you at any time.

Explanation: The locksmith will change the pins, inside your lock, to work with an entirely new key. Or, even make the key from another door to work. Your choice. Most of the locks have 5 pins (6 pins for high security locks), that vary in size. The correct size pins, in the correct order, correspond with the cuts on your keys. When this combination is made right, the key will turn in the lock and allow you to enter.

It’s way cheaper than buying new locks and should be considered as a priority, when your move into a new home, new business or if you like to improve your security.

Another great option is to make one key that serves all of your ‘alike’ locks. No need to carry multiple keys.