Ignition Repair and Keys

Many people question if a locksmith is someone who is able to make keys for your vehicle. Yes, they are. Not only do they specialize in locks of many kinds, they do make keys for vehicles, make ignition repairs, and program and reprogram keys and key fobs. The services range from regular metal keys to high security and transponder keys.

You never know when a situation may occur when your key is stuck inside of your ignition, or even break off inside of it. Call us and we’ll refer a professional locksmith to you and they will be more than happy to extract the key for you and make a new one there on the spot. There are a few different ways a technician is able to make a key, and it does depend upon the year, make and the model and security of the key. In some cases, you may not even need a new key at all, your key may just need to be programmed, reprogrammed or re-flashed. Sometimes the issue may not even be anything to do with your key, it is possibly that your entire ignition may need to be switched out, and we can refer to a locksmith who can do that for you also! If you are unsure about what exactly it is that you need done, we will have a professional to help you out.

Are you thinking of just calling the car dealership to get the job done for you? Well, truth is that the dealership can actually be more costly. In most cases, in order to get what are you needing taken care of, you would need to get your vehicle towed to the dealer. We come out to you wherever you may be to get the job done. In some instances, the dealer even calls a locksmith service to do the work when they are not able to do it themselves. So, cut out the middle man and contact us first.

In addition, the services are not limited to ignition repairs, and keys for the ignition. If you have locked your keys in your trunk, and your trunk release is not currently working, there is a possibility that a key needs to be made in order to unlock your trunk. There is a variety of other services a locksmith can perform on your vehicle such as door keys, gas cap, and glove department locks.