House Lockout

More than likely you realized you left your keys in the house before you could catch the door before it shut, or your key simply fell off of your key ring. Whatever it was that happened, call us and we will refer you to a professional locksmith to get you back into your home.

We understand what all a house lockout entails. Perhaps a small child, or an elderly loved one is locked inside and requires immediate attention. Or possibly you left the stove on, it is storming, very cold, very hot out, or just simply need to gain access back into your home. We classify lockout services as an emergency and would like to correct the situation that you are in as quickly as possible.

There are quite a few different ways to gain access to your home, business, or interior door to that is inside either one. Locks have different levels of security and a professional locksmith technician is ready to assist you with which ever type that you have. Low security, medium security, and high security knobs or deadbolts. There are different tools and methods to be used in any type of lockout.

Not only can the technicians help you with the lock out, they are able to install, change and/or re-key the locks, too. If you would like to keep the locks that are currently on your home or business, no problem, the technicians are able to change the pin settings in your lock in order to keep the current ones on, but produce a new key. Your existing key will no longer work after. If you happen to have lost your keys, they can also change your lock(s). You can select high, medium, or low security locks, the finish (bronze, gold, silver etc.), and they will change them out for you. Or you can purchase your own locks and they will use the ones you have already purchased. If you want to add a lock, they can also perform fresh installations. These also include deadbolts.

Not only do they work with regular locks, but also work with hardware such as panic bars, electronic, and magnetic locks for your business. If you have any questions regarding lockouts, installations, changing or re-keying, then please, give us a call, and we will be ready to help you feel more secure in your home or business.