What payment methods do you accept?

– Cash, Credit and Debit are accepted

Do you have fixed pricing?

The only price that is fixed is the service fee. All other pricing depends on the type of work that you are inquiring about. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Where are you located?

– We do not have a store front location. We are a call center and we dispatch the technicians to where you are (Sacramento area).

What is the difference between re-keying a lock and changing a lock?

– Changing a lock consists of taking out the whole locking mechanism and installing a whole new lock. Re-keying consists of changing the pin settings that are in the lock cylinder. Your existing key will no longer work, we provide you with new keys, and you can keep your same lock that is currently on your door.

What if it is not my property, but I need to gain access? 

– Simple. Whoever owns the property would need to send us credentials via fax or e-mail. This includes ID with the name matching the title and or registration of a vehicle, or perhaps ID with an address that matches where services will be rendered on a home or business. This can be sent to us via fax or e-mail from the owner stating that John Doe has permission entering the property.

Will I get reimbursed by my insurance company for services?- It depends on your insurance policy, however we can send a formal invoice to you or your insurance agent with provided contact information via fax or e-mail.

How do I know if you even service my area?

– Give us a call, we will gather your information and let you know.

What if I am locked out of my car and I also need a key made? Would you have to send 2 different technicians?

– No. We are specializes in both areas of service.

I own a business. How can we set up business to business consumer for all of our locksmith needs?

– Give us a call, we will exchange the necessary documents and information. We look forward to building a relationship with your business.

Why should I use a locksmith to make a key to my vehicle instead of the dealer? 

– That would be a personal choice, but since the technicians come out to you, that cuts the cost of having to tow your vehicle to the dealer.

Can a locksmith add a lock or a deadbolt to my door if there is not currently one there?

– Yes. Just let us know that you need a fresh installation.

If a service technician comes out on site to where the service is needed, but I no longer need service anymore Do I still have to pay the service fee?

– Yes. The service fee is for when the technician comes on site. If you do not call to cancel your order, and the technician shows up, you are still responsible to pay the fee.