Locksmith Rocklin

Our locksmiths are able to offer a variety of key cutting and all type of locksmith services in Rocklin.  In some instances, your key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again our locksmith Rocklin will be able to provide you with a copy of your keys.


If you have been told you need a safe or have items of particular value, be they at work or in the home, then you should consider getting a safe to store them in.   However, it’s not just a case of popping down to your local DIY store to buy one. You need the safe to be professionally specified and fitted for it to provide any real protection, and also you need some advice on what safe you should be buying.

Insurance requirements for the safe? It’s best to check with your insurer as to whether they are specifying certain criteria for the safe such as cash cover or fire protection rating

What is it that is being stored? Is it documents or media – in which case you may want to consider a fire safe. If it’s jewelry or cash then you have to consider the rating of the safe in order to ensure the relevant insurance cover!

Our licensed locksmith Rocklin will be able to specify and install the appropriate safe and size of safe that will be fit for purpose.


Security is vital for businesses. To keep your business both safe and secure a locksmith may be able to offer you Electrical access control, Alarms, Security Bars/Grilles and CCTV.  Not only does it keep the property safe but employees too.

Don’t forget, a lot of our professional locksmiths do more than just locks and keys with a large number offering services in other areas of security.


Electronic access control systems can monitor and control who has access to various areas of your business. They can also be used as a safety feature to establish who is in what area of a building, as well as offering the potential to be linked to HR systems to monitor absence etc.